Tuesday, January 10, 2006

About me...

Peace and Blessings to all,

I call myself King Sah.
I am a self taught practitioner of Afrikan-centered Ceremonial Magik,
mainly of a Kemetan and Yoruba style.
I have been practicing for 7 years now and it has changed my Life.

My intention with this blog is to create a dialog, mostly among Afrikan Americans/ Blacks of and Afrikan/ Black centered Cultural and Spiritual perspective.

Afrika, as we know is at the root of most of the world's major religions/ spiritual practices (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) and some of those not considered major to the western wolrd (Voodoo, Rastafarianism and Earthbased practices such as Wicca and Paganism).

Getting to the root of this and finding some common ground in this fact, I feel, is essential at this time in Ourstory.

Never before, that I am aware of, has such a broad call for Unity and Communiication gone out to those with a common interest in Afrika, Afrikan Culture, Afrikan Religions and the state and future of Afrikan people and their Ascendants (as opposed to descendents= to go down).
I am not even sure what will come of this.

All I know is that I feel a need to put this out there.

To all those who see this, please feel free to express your opinions (with respect). But I created this for the interest of Black Culture and those who honor and respect Afrika as the Craddle of Civilization.

Ourstory is a Great Story and must continue to be unfolded and told for Generations and Generations.

Now is the TIME!

Black Whole Circle

Offering Afrikan Centered approaches to Spirituality and Social Conciousness.
To include such diverse perspectives as:

Kemetan/ Ausar Auset
Nation of Islam/ Orthodox Islam
Wicca/ Goddess Religions
Gnostic Christianity
Black Hebrewism
Hinduism/ Indus Kushite
Black Nationalsts

All teaching will be veiwed and interpreted from an Afrocentric perspective and in a way that empowers Afrikans, their Ascendants and that various Indiginous peoples of the Earth.